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SuperRib Cabin 30

Comfort or sport

It's up to you... create your Cabin 30 to match your needs

Fully customizable like his Open 30 sibling, Cabin 30 can be set as a sporty boat 'cause its original baseline is very "fast" and dynamic. That future can be amplified by changing hull and cushion colour, engine selection and a range of customized bits that will suit this style. Opposite of that you can concentrate your customization on family needs with a front and rear full sun deck, big T-top roof, small kitchen and different cabin layout.

Family oasis

Eat, sunbathe, sleep, shower... then repeat

From a super sporty, fast and agile boat to a family resort, our Cabin 30 can be all of that. With a clever choice of equipment, you can get a large space for a sundeck on the bow and stern, even with a pronounced cabin and T-top rack. Additionally, you can cook a simple meal, wash your hands in 2 sinks, or your whole body in an indoor shower room. Our bow design with a rigid front tube part allows us to transfer space ordinary used for tubes into enlarging the cabin sides. 

Dr. Comfort and Mr. Sport... "both" of them 9.3m long, 3.2m wide, with 2600kg.

Indoor space

Large or private cabin

You can choose to get the most space in the cabin or to have a private toilet room with the possibility of an indoor shower. Don't worry... in both cases, you will have a very well ventilated space, thanks to 3 windows and natural light as a bonus from 2 dimmed panoramic roof windows.



Equipment options

Explore the world of SuperRib possibilities

Check our equipment lists for more information... and feel free to contact us for your special, custom ideas

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