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One engine

Open 27 can use a twin-engine configuration, but we strongly suggest one. You can go up to 450 HP although, optimal results on this boat are achieved using a 300 HP engine.


Shorter = better

Due to the smaller size and reduced weight, our Open 27 shows open sea navigation agility and we even find it more manoeuvrable during port operation. Nevertheless ... it can carry 10 persons on board, just 2 less than its "older brother" Open 30.

SuperRib idea... simplified with one engine. 8.35 meters long, 2.95 meters wide... 2 tons.


Same but different

SuperRib Open 27 shares the same DNA as his "older brothers" Open 30 and Cabin 30, but has less length and one engine configuration. Even though smaller, it still has a front compartment that can be turned into a toilet.



Equipment options

Explore the world of SuperRib possibilities

Check our equipment lists for more information ... and feel free to contact us for your special, custom ideas

SuperRib Open 27

Need for speed

50 knots club

During hull integrity testing with a non-supercharged 425 HP engine, we have reached 52 knots with the additional T-top which has considerable air drag. 50 knots can be expected even from well trimmed suggested 300 HP engine.

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