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Maximum customized

If standard equipment is not enough...

We can create your dream boat from the very start of production with a wide list of additional optional parts, or even custom demands. Here you can see full equipt, maximum powered and heavily customized Open 30. Incognito engines, T-top roof with LED lights, custom windshield, FLIR night vision camera, internet antenna... all coated in black are just visible parts of a huge list of modifications.

Secret hideout

Toilet room in an open boat

It's not easy to imagine this kind of space in an open deck rib, but we have managed to do that.  This space can be also used as a closed shower room or an additional dry storage space.

Coming in from Croatia, 9.27 meters long, 3.15 meters wide, weighing in at 2300kg... we present you SuperRib Open 30

60 knots club

Fast and spacious

With the suggested 2x300 HP powerplant, our Open 30 can go up to 60 knots with superior handling and comfort. In that configuration, it can easily cruise at high speeds with 12 people onboard.



Equipment options

Explore the world of SuperRib possibilities

Check our equipment lists for more information ... and feel free to contact us for your special, custom ideas

SuperRib Open 30

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