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SuperRib Open 30 SO

Name SO stands for Special One, 'cause it looks the same as Open 30, but it's totally different

One and only

Lock on your creation

SO series is created as the most exclusive version of our Open 30. Design it yourself and we guarantee it'll be one of a kind and we will never produce the same boat again.

+60 knots club

Power to the max

One of the main principles of Special One series is the powerplant that exceeds 600 HP. In that configuration hull must be in a heavy-duty racing carbon version. With that in mind, you can count on speeds of up to 70 knots.

Infinite possibilities

Let your imagination loose

Special custom ideas from whole deck parts made in cast carbon, army standard FLIR radar, all the way to powder coating of cleats and bolt heads... we can do it all. In the attached pictures, you can also see different gel coat colour options for the hull and deck.

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